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Quality Assessment and Failure Analysis

Basic process and material knowledge as well as research-based knowledge are necessary to carry out and evaluate the quality of castings and initial sample tests according to the state of the art. For this purpose, suitable destructive and non-destructive testing and examination methods, with proprietary evaluation algorithms, are used. The results of the ÖGI, as a neutral and independent body, serve both to improve quality and to define the quality criteria between the foundry and the casting user.

If technical components fail, it is absolutely necessary to determine the cause of the failure in order to prevent further failures or repeated occurrence.

For this purpose, a systematic and methodical analysis is carried out using the appropriate methods, from visual inspection to examination under a scanning electron microscope.

The decisive factors are often influences from production and manufacturing, design defects, an incorrect choice of material or material errors, incorrect dimensioning or unexpected stresses in the ongoing operation of the component.

Extensive knowledge, many years of experience and a detective's instinct are necessary to track down the mechanical, corrosive, thermal or combination-induced cases of failure. The staff at the ÖGI have all these qualities at their disposal.

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