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Surface-, Bonding- and Coating Technology

  • Surface Analysis and Coating Technology
    Characterization, modification, application and quality control on metallic and non-metallic surfaces and coatings, technical support and testing

  • Adhesive Bonding Technology
    Consultation in selection and application of adhesives, constructive layouting/design and testing of bonded parts, ageing and life time simulation, quality control and failure analysis

  • Accelerated Ageing, Corrosion- and Stability Testing
    Destructive and/or non-destructive material and/or component analysis, environmental and chemical stability testing, determination of mechanical material parameters

  • Testing of bonded hybride constructive parts, characterization of composite materials
    Analysis of mechanical, chemical and physical properties, environmental stability and applicative stress tests

  • Stability against process media
    Influence of additives and process media upon materials, constructive parts and surfaces


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