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Mechanical Testing

Ing. Heinz Holzer

Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Martin Fechter


DI Bernd Panzirsch

Physics Laboratory 

Dr. Erhard Kaschnitz

Computed Tomography

Dr. Florian Röper

Test lab for moulding materials

DI Eduard Koppensteiner 

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Material Testing and Characterisation

Comprehensive material testing and characterisation are the basis for the successful further development of manufacturing and casting processes as well as the research and improvement of casting alloys. But also for preventive quality assurance, initial sample testing as well as failure analysis, the following examination and testing options are carried out:

  • Destructive material testing
    Static and dynamic testing at RT and elevated temperature

  • Non-destructive material testing
    Computed tomography, X-ray testing, visual inspection, crack penetrant testing

  • Chemical analysis
    Wet chemical as well as ICP and Leco

  • Microstructural characterisation
    Macro and micro characterisation as well as micro and nano hardness testing

  • Determination of thermophysical material properties
    Thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, specific heat capacity

  • Moulding material testing
    Raw materials, organic and inorganic moulding sand and core sand mixtures
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