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Non-ferrous Metals

Dr. Thomas Pabel

DI Bernd Panzirsch

Ferrous Metals

DI Eduard Koppensteiner

Pilot Foundry/Alloys

Dr. Peter Hofer-Hauser

DI Eduard Koppensteiner

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Research and Development

The research projects are cooperative, nationally funded as well as EU-funded and industry-commissioned projects and strategic in-house research projects. The ÖGI thus has comprehensive know-how in structuring research ideas, supporting the application process, but also in implementation through professional project management.

The projects are carried out in close cooperation with small and large companies in the economy. We often work for our clients as their external research and development department. Our specialists cover a comprehensive field of expertise and interdisciplinary topics are dealt with, for which a broad network of research partners is available.


The research areas include:

  • Casting processes & casting materials
  • Simulation & Digitalisation
  • Metallic materials & material composites
  • Climate neutrality, lightweight construction & sustainability
  • Computed tomography, visualisation & data analysis
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